Education System Downfalls

The education system in Finland has rated top scores in reading, math and science literacy consistently over the past ten years because teachers are trusted to do whatever it takes to provide whatever is needed for their students. There are a number of articles published that try to explain the Fin's success. Reasons include the lack of official standards and rounds of testing. Most of the explanations point to the general fact that the Fins give their students more individual attention and in my humble opinion this is the key to their success. I would like to see their ideas developed more and put into use in the United States. Our education system fails because of one faulty concept that all children develop their mental abilities at the same rate. Rather than follow the ancient Greeks example of training individual students to use their logical abilities in learning, we follow Henry Ford using his ideas of mass production. By that I mean, every seven year old must learn certain issues by rote if necessary and quality control testing is required for the student to move from grade to grade. While there are many children who fall into the "normal" group that progress from one stage to another, there are also many who do not. They either learn faster than the "normal" ones and get bored with everything or they are too slow and get frustrated with the system. Making the class smaller in numbers only helps a bit. More changes are needed to actually move our ed systems out of the rut we find it in. Over the past fifty years or so, there have been many studies done concerning child development. There are obvious stages of learning a child goes through, it is just not determined by age or gender. What if we develop courses of learning around these stages of development and allow teachers to follow their students based on their development rather than their age? It is an idea similar to the concepts used at the college levels. Each department of education has its levels of learning. One needs to take and understand the information in class 101 to progress to class 201. We can develop course work at the very foundations of our students' leaning life that logically follow their own mental development. For example, take symbolism. One may not realize it but symbols are the basis of all human communication. Without the use of symbols, the human race would still be trying to figure out fire. Symbols like alphabets are used to represent sounds used to make words which are themselves symbols to represent objects and actions. Symbols are numbers to represent amounts. They are used to represent chemical elements and facts and issues in physics. Children need to learn to recognize symbols and learn how to put them to use. This is the basis of learning reading and languages in general. The Greeks liked mathematics because it was a way to show that often there are only two things that matter. Something is either true or it is false. One plus one must equal two. Given one idea other ideas are developed and from there the Greeks developed and expanded the study of logic and reasoning. Many of our teachers do develop these concepts in their students but in my opinion, their success is hampered by the System. With a teacher only having the child for one year, it would be difficult to follow the child's progress. What may have been learned in one year, may be unlearned in the next or at best, not enforced to strengthen their learning. Concepts are lost if not used and practiced. My solution to improving out eduction system would then be the following: * develop course work based on child development stages * remove the age element from the grade system and allow teachers to follow their students through specific development stages. * require teachers to have in-depth knowledge of child development as well as methods of teaching. * as the child progresses, allow them to make more decisions in their choice of learning paths beyond the basic needs --- Richard Schuler, a product of the System.

1st 100 days in Office

A bench mark of sorts, is coming up with Donald Trump as President. This may be a good time to step back and reflect on whether or not Mr. Trump has been successful in preforming as a leader of our Nation. To being, Donald was not elected as a moral person or even as a “Family Values” person so his qualification or lack of these issues should be not used in judgement. Donald was elected because he was a successful business person and people decided that this Nation should be run as a business. So these are the qualities that we should be looking at. What makes a good business person? Usually the first sign of such is how much wealth has been collected and whether or not there has been a profit or gain in funding. Looking at all of the various departments of the US government, we can find which are profitable and which are not. For instance, the Defense Dept is very profitable since often very expensive items are at issue whose primary purpose is to either destroy or be destroyed. In other words this department deals with expensive items that periodically need to be purchased and replaced. Great opportunities to make a profit. On the other hand, Public Services like EPA, Education or Medicare are only conduits for losing funds. A good business person would decide to rid themselves of non-profit organizations so it is no small wonder that Donald chose to lose those agencies like Education and the EPA. Agriculture is a maybe so he placed someone who is knowledgable and experienced in agriculture as a leader of that agency. As a business person, Donald is making good points here. Management professors will tell you that business persons rarely have the benefit of full knowledge when making business decisions. Often enough they are only given as little as 10% of all facts before deciding what to do. This is where the business sense comes into play. The “gut feeling” or an intuitive idea of what is good or bad in a given situation often leads a business person in making a decision. Donald is often criticized on making decisions on little or no apparent information. But, this is what successful business people do all the time. So again, not a bad thing since Donald is acting like a good business person. On the issue of making decisions, perhaps this is a good time to look at the accusation people have accused Donald is becoming a Dictator. Is this a moral judgement or a business one? After all, good business people are often dictators. To lead a successful business there is usually only one person at the top making the decisions. That being said, there are benevolent dictators and there are malevolent dictators. If Donald considers himself as a dictator, this should not be judged as a moral issue but as a likely business issue. The only question left would be is he good at being a dictator or bad? So what if a business person makes a bad decision, what happens, what are their options then? Well, there are generally three options: merger, sale or bankruptcy. If a business proves not to be profitable then good business person usually looks to find a successful business with which to merge. Also if you can not be the leader in the new enterprise then it is time to take the money and run. Another option for a failing business is going to the bankruptcy court. This usually involves liquidation of assets and paying off creditors often with the amount of 10 cents on the dollar. Good business people rarely lose in these deals because they have known to move profitable assets to another location before going bankrupt. Nothing gained but more importantly, nothing lost. As a Nation, we do not have the option of bankruptcy. If that actually becomes the issue then everyone loses. Final option is to find someone to buy out the unprofitable organization. Often these are not people looking to make a profit but to save their own jobs, the employees. As a Nation, we may be looking to ourselves as the employees, buying back our jobs. At that point we will find ourselves back at square one. And since there usually is no one employee to become dictator, we will again become a Democracy, not a business. After the first 100 days in office, has Donald Trump acted as a good business leader? More importantly, has the United States profited by being run as a business? You be the judge. After all, you were the ones who put Donald in this office. Richard Schuler MBA San Francisco State University (at the time of graduation - a tuition free university)

5/2013 Tuck Moves To Missouri

Congratulations to Chris on her purchase of Melrich Kentucky Wind. Tuck is now enjoying his new career with his new person in Missouri. Chris, a long time Morgan owner, became intrigued with Tuck after viewing his sale ad and corresponding with us. She stopped to meet Tuck and took a test ride during a recent trip to Kentucky. It was love at first sight for both Chris and Tuck. Chris plans to ride Tuck both English and Western and explore his great Morgan versatility. We are certain this will be a fun and happy partnership for Tuck and Chris.

9/17/11 ALLY goes to Indiana

Congratulations to Paul Redar of northern Indiana on his purchase of MELRICH AFTERNOON T (Ally). Lee Luu, as he now calls her, will be Paul's recreational trail horse. Paul came to see another Morgan we had for sale and fell in love with Lee Luu. We are confident that Lee Luu has found her own special person in Paul. We wish Paul and Lee Luu many happy years together on the trails and in all other activities they pursue together.